About Us

  • To bring glory to God in every area of our business
  • To cultivate a healthy mind and spirit for moms through the practice of journaling 
  • To help moms slow down, fulfill the role God gave them, and intentionally connect with loved ones


  • We believe in biblical Christianity—the reliance on the Bible to understand faith, what it means to be Christian and how we should live our lives. 
  • We believe that abortion should be completely abolished across the globe.
  • We believe in God’s design for gender, sexuality and marriage
  • We believe that “rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”


  • Established in 2023 by a Christian mom of 3 and Therapist.
  • Through motherhood and meeting with clients, there was a deep desire to give women a tool that could help them foster their relationship with God, process the complexities of life and connect with those that mean the most to them.
  • Inspiring women to write fiercely, speak fiercely and live fiercely.