5 Unique Ways To Journal

5 Unique Ways To Journal

I’m a journaler, not a blogger, so we are going to just get straight to the point here…

Here are 5 unique ways to fill the pages of your journal:

Photo Journaling

Photo journaling is a fun way to visualize your journal entries, and it’s basically like a photo album and journal combined! What’s not to love? You can craft this however you’d like, but one idea is to print pictures, cut them out however you see fit, and then attach them to the journal pages. An easy way to attach them is by using glue/tape dispensers (and it eliminates the mess of regular glue). When you’ve got your pictures attached, just write about what was happening in the picture! Simple! This one may require more materials and money, but totally worth it.

Doodle Journaling

If you’re a natural doodler, then this will be a walk in the park for you—plus it gets your creative juices flowin’! Doodle journaling is a free-style type of journaling that can go in almost any direction you want it to go. Maybe your journal has drawn out pictures, along with calendar boxes that show dates of important memories; maybe it looks like the front of a movie poster or magazine that has tid-bits about what happened that day; or maybe you want to draw giant daisy flowers and put the date in the center and write what happened in the petals. Whatever you decide, just remember that the creative ball is in your court with this one!

Storybook Journaling

 Storybook Journaling is probably one of my favorite ways to journal! When you storybook, you basically write out your days as if you’re writing a novel…I mean, come on…this is so cool! If you’re confused about what this might look like,  Here’s an example:

“THE RIDE HOME: I rubbed my eyes as the little sliver of light that snuck through the blinds lit up the room with a glow. I reached over and felt my way to my phone, which lit up once my hand grazed the screen. June 24th, 2023–6:45am popped up in big white font. ‘It’s too early!’ I groaned. My husband was already up and packing things neatly into the suitcase. I lay there for a minute more…slowly coming to the realization that vacation was over, and we were about to head home. I was both elated and saddened by the thought…..”

Imagine your great grandchildren coming across your storybook journal. It would be such a cool experience to get to read a ‘novel’ about your life! Fiercely Penned journals are perfect for this type of journaling, because we use real hardcover books to bind the journals—so with our custom journal, you could create your own “book cover” however you like! You can check out our website if you’re interested.

Secret Code Journaling

If you’ve ever dreamed of cracking a code or solving a mystery, this would be such a fun way to journal for you! Just create a key using symbols or code words, and then start writing (using the symbols or code words, of course). If you’ve tried out every other journal style in the book, then maybe it’s time to give this one a try! It brings out the inner investigator in all of us!

Crossword Gratitude Journaling 

If you’ve done a gratitude journal before, it might be fun to try this one out! Think of it as a way to journal, but in a much more challenging and fun way! Here’s how you do it…

Just pick one thing you are grateful for and write it at the top of the page, then pick a letter from that word and think of something else you are grateful for that starts with that letter and write it. By the end, it should zigzag down the page and look like a crossword puzzle. You can then doodle around in the empty spaces! 


If there’s one thing you take away from this, I hope it’s that journaling doesn’t have to look one way! You can make your journal look however you want—the most important thing is that you capture what is most meaningful to you. Hope you all enjoyed this post and got some new ideas for your next journal. 

Happy Journaling!

*Ephesians 4:15*

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Hi Terri!
Yes, there are absolutely journals that were not meant to be read by others….that’s for sure—and those journals are definitely needed! And You’re right! Sometimes It can be fun to try something new that loved ones can go back and read.

Fiercely Penned

I’ve always struggled to journal! The only time I’ve done it was during counseling and I would never want my daughter to read it – poring out anger and frustration. I may have to try again with these pointers

Terri Ray

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